Try an Experiment

Many of the people in transition that I work with are leaving work they have done for decades to enter a new work situation or a non-work situation.

Some chose to do similar work with fewer hours, more flexibility, or more autonomy.  Some pursue a passion or cause that drives them. Some choose to pursue a non-work lifestyle. Some choose to travel, relocate, downsize, or take on new learning opportunities.

Before the actual shift, they often wonder what they might do or could do. It may seem like there are too many or too few opportunities.

I invite people to conduct an experiment. This could be a short-term, low-risk way to see how they might like something new and get clear on what’s next.

Sometimes, actually doing something new is not quite like the idea of it. With an experiment, there is hands-on experience to really find out.

If you are considering a new work setting, can you volunteer for a short time?

Whether you are making a big shift in your life or not, what might you experiment with this summer?  Will you cook food from another culture, explore a new part of town, start a new exercise routine, or take an art class?

How might you try an experiment?


Questions of the Month

What are you curious about?

What would you like to try?

How can you do a low-risk experiment?

Practice of the Month

Take advantage of the many offerings available during this summer season.

What experiment would you like to try?  Find something you are curious about.

Plan it and do it.

Afterward, ask…

  • What did you enjoy most?
  • What didn’t you enjoy?
  • What was challenging?
  • What did you learn?

Would you like to do something similar again or try a new experiment?


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