Retirement Transition / Next Chapter Exploration

  • Are you thinking about retirement but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you want to do something new but don’t know what?
  • Would you like a plan that is well-thought out?

Today’s New Retirement looks much different from the retirement of past generations. Many more options are open with increased longevity. Baby Boomers do not see retirement as a dead end, but as an opportunity for new ways of working and living that were not available in the past.

If you are looking ahead to retirement, the next work opportunity, or ways to contribute in the next chapter of life, you may have questions about how to make the transition, your readiness, and what you want to do going forward. I offer professional support as you explore option and formulate plans.

The focus is on the non-financial aspects of retirement, including how to decide the right time to retire, whether to work, how to stay connected, and how to find new opportunities. Important psycho-social aspects to consider are your work identity, finding purpose and meaning, family considerations, and work alternatives.

Learn criteria for decision-making, project completion, and making a smooth transition. Discover and pursue new dreams or forgotten interests. Uncover hidden dreams and opportunities for contribution and fulfillment. Explore your possibilities, get clarity, find direction, and design a flexible plan. Plan what’s next for you in a way that’s informed and intentional.

I utilize knowledge and experience in life transitions, retirement success factors, adult development, and what retirement looks like and feels like based on well-researched success criteria. Available assessments, include  The LifeOptions Profile™,  Retirement Success Profile™, and The Enneagram RHETI.

For Organizations

To support a smooth transition for pre-retirees, co-workers, and the organization, I offer retirement transition programs, effective off-boarding, succession planning, and how to leave a legacy. Highlights include: developing an exit strategy, setting a timeline, exploring options, and creating a flexible plan.

Group Programs for Pre-Retirees in Organizations

  • What to Do Before You Say Goodbye
  • The New Retirement: Vital Considerations
  • Key Dimensions for Successful Transition
  • Successful Succession: Bench Strength and Beyond
  • Next Steps for Your Next Chapter
  • Resilience and Retirement: A Wellness Approach
For Financial Advisors

You use your expertise to help people address the financial aspects of retirement in service to the life they want to live. The financial part of retirement is very important and influences choices, lifestyle, and what’s possible.

There is another side to retirement planning. It is the personal side. This is the human psychological social impact of retirement. It may relate to a person’s readiness and willingness to change. It may deal with the loss of sense of status, self, structure, social life that work provided. It may involve relationships at home and at work. It may deal with resistance to change, anxiety, and fear. Retirement is a process and adjustment on many levels.

For these key considerations, another perspective may be useful. I partner with financial planners to offer group and/or individual Retirement Transition Programs for the personal side of retirement. Please contact me if you would like to explore collaborating to bring the financial and personal parts together for the benefit of your clients.