Dark Night of the Soul

Do you have a sense of lifelessness and meaninglessness? Do you feel as dry as a fall leaf? Do your usual pursuits seem empty or heavy?

These experiences may point to what is referred to as The Dark Night of the Soul. While an important stage and experience in the spiritual realm, it may be prompted by real world events like loss of a job, loss of a loved one, or loss of identity. It has been described as a conscious suffering where illusions of the false self can be seen and experienced. In retrospect, one might see the value and wisdom this time offers.

Possible helpful considerations:

Don’t go it alone.
Stay with it.
Find a guide or companion.
Ramp up self care.
Make time and space for reflection.

Questions of the Month

What has lost its meaning?
What emptiness are you aware of?
Can you stay with the experience?

Practice of the Month

Self-Observation: Reflecting on Your Dark Night of the Soul

Take time to bring to mind the Dark Night you currently experience or a Dark Night you passed through. Describe your experience in a poem, drawing, doodle, dance, or other creative expression. What do you see?