Retirement Coaching for Executives, Professionals, and Business Owners

If you are an executive, business owner, or professional like an attorney or physician, your work is rewarding, demanding, and all-encompassing. Your career has been central to your identity, social engagements, and the structure of your whole life.

When you’ve been in a meaningful professional role for your career, thinking about retiring or moving on to something else can be a challenge. And an opportunity. Even when you have the financial pieces in order, there are psychological and social aspects of this major life transition.

This major life transition requires care and forethought.

Key questions to ask yourself:

  • How can I evaluate if, when, and how to retire?
  • How can I prepare myself to let go and move on?
  • What is my exit strategy?
  • How can I set up a succession plan?
  • What legacy do I want to leave?
  • Do I want to phase-out, continue in some capacity, or move on?
  • What will I miss most after the transition?
  • What meaningful activities will I take on?
  • What are my options?
  • How can I stay relevant?
  • How can I have impact?

Working with a retirement transition coach who is an objective and confidential thinking partner supports a sound strategy. A custom-designed step-by-step plan includes: retirement readiness assessment, succession planning, exploring options, and creating a plan.

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