Virginia Macali

Virginia Macali, JD, MS, founded High Point Transitions, LLC to support awareness, change, growth in individuals. She helps people make successful transitions, have impact, and enjoy greater well-being and fulfillment.

Virginia designs and delivers programs and coaching for emerging leaders and managers, as they utilize strengths, advance their work in a balanced way, and contribute to what they care about.

Virginia works with pre-retirees to determine retirement readiness, explore options, design an exit strategy, make a succession plan, and create a concrete yet flexible plan for the what’s next. She provides resources for decision-making, project completion, capturing knowledge, and making a smooth transition into the future. Her work focuses on the non-financial aspects of retirement, including how to decide the right time to retire, whether to work, how to stay connected, how to find new opportunities, and how to live with meaning and purpose.

With an interest in the experience, opportunities, and challenges of aging well, Virginia coordinated WOSU Media’s Next Avenue Cbus initiative to provide workshops, community conversations, and blogs for people over 50. She is one of the founders of The Aging with Intention Series, which features speakers, roundtable discussions, author presentations, and small group discussions. She publishes a monthly e-newsletter Book Notes for Your Next Chapter.

Virginia is a licensed attorney who has a master’s degree in counseling. She has worked in the areas of tax policy and legislative policy. Virginia brings a rich background of working in a variety of settings such as business, education, and government. She has been adjunct faculty at Columbus State Community College and Franklin University.

Education includes a JD from Capital University, an MS in Education and Counseling from the University of Dayton, and BA from Wittenberg University. Certifications include Integral Coach from New Ventures West, Retirement Options Coach, Coaching to Excellence Facilitator, The Leadership Circle Profile, and Urban Zen Integrative Therapist.

Long-term study of the Diamond Approach, The Enneagram, various adult development approaches.

About me

A few decades ago, I started to get very curious about how adults grow and change. This sparked a career reinvention and a journey of personal and spiritual growth.

I transitioned from working as a lawyer in tax policy to working as a coach to support people’s growth and development. I studied counseling and psychology, practiced meditation, yoga, and many mind-body modalities. I was trained in the new profession of coaching by one of the world’s leading coaching programs. I became a dedicated student of The Diamond Approach, a practice that has continued for 19 years.

These avenues provided a foundation for new ways to live and work. My own self-development and meeting life challenges led me to designing and delivering programs to support people in times of transition, new roles, new directions, and new chapters of their lives. In the past few years, I have become curious how adults age and grow and change. I am learning more deeply through my own aging, study, and talking with others about how we can age well, live well, and be well throughout the whole lifespan.

My Approach

I have over 20 years of experience supporting people as they navigate life and work transitions, crossroads, and new beginnings. My initial training as an Integral Coach was through New Ventures West. My work is also informed by wide-ranging practices and study on Human Development, including Adult Stages of Development, The Enneagram, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Jungian Psychology, Neuroscience, Leadership, and Urban Zen Integrative Therapy. I am a student of the Diamond Approach: A Path for Inner Realization for more than 19 years. This method of inquiry and presence provides a spiritual base for my approach to human development. These disciplines have commonality in supporting people in personal and professional development, and living in the world in a contributing, caring, and fulfilling way. I have studied what motivates people and how growth and change happen. I support people practicing deeper awareness, expressing more of their essential selves, and living in ways that are authentic and meaningful as they serve what they most care about.

I work with people who might call themselves seekers. You ask deeper questions, some of which may have an answer, and some that don’t. You are curious and want to explore yourself and life in deeper ways. You are willing to live with the uncertainty and ambiguity life provides. I also work with people in times of change and transition. Maybe you are in an in-between space and don’t know what’s next. Maybe you want to reinvent or renew yourself. Maybe you want to explore options. You value partnership in exploring new terrain.

I work with people who might call themselves learners. Whether looking for new ways to lead, impact, or influence, you enjoy taking on challenges, finding new perspectives, moving into unknown territory. You enjoy new ideas and putting them to work. You see opportunities in the midst of volatility, change, and uncertainty in today’s world. You feel called to serve and called to act. You value a thinking partner as you take on new challenges.

My approach is an emergent approach where, together, we slow down, inquire, and open to awareness. We have genuine conversations.  We find how life shows up for you and what you would like to create. We take time for reflection, inquiry, self-observation, relevant reading, and practices. We notice the narratives, assumptions, and behaviors that limit our fullness and impact. We find areas where you feel stuck or dull and find authenticity, connection, and clarity. It builds capacity to better engage with life’s circumstances.

Most people who know me say that I ask great questions. This comes naturally for me, from my days as a lawyer when asking insightful questions was key to understanding situations in a more complete way. Questions guide my life even when there are no answers. Questions, both big and small, reflect my curiosity about life, people, and the unknown aspects of life. These questions support clients in self-reflection, awareness, and direction.

I’m an advocate of taking on experiential practices and experiments to shift mindsets, moods, and open to new ways of being and ways to take action in the world. My approach is one of vertical development. Vertical development shifts one’s ability to think in more complex ways. As we become more connected to ourselves and others, we are more creative, less reactive, open, and courageous. It gives us greater capacity to make meaning and expands perspective and ways of responding.