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Virginia Macali, JD, MS, founded High Point Transitions, LLC to support awareness, change, growth in individuals. She helps people make successful transitions, have impact, and enjoy greater fulfillment.

As a Certified Integral Coach, she designs and delivers programs and coaching for emerging leaders and managers, as they utilize strengths, advance their work in a balanced way, and contribute to what they care about.

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Blog Posts

  • Care for the Caregiver
    An unexpected event like a fall, accident, diagnosis, hospitalization, or decline in functioning may trigger the need for caregiving. It may be temporary or ongoing. While care, willingness to support, and good intentions are the foundation, care giving can become overwhelming and exhausting. Anxiety, depression, insomnia, irritation, confusion, and burn-out are common with caregivers. While the Read More
  • How to Live Forever: The Enduring Power of Connecting the Generations by Marc Freedman
    Are needs of older generations and younger generations competitive or collaborative? Can approaches be fashioned to reconnect in ways that benefit all? Marc Freedman, founder of Encore.org explores these questions. He sees older people investing in the next generation to solve problems and reconnect humanity. While doing this, they find “purpose, health, happiness, and even income while Read More
  • Mulligans, Do-Overs, and Second Chances
    “Sometimes, you just have to start all over differently.” Bernard Kelvin Clive If you make a bad shot in a friendly game of golf, you may call a “mulligan” so you can hit another shot. This sanctioned do-over is an opportunity to take another swing which may improve your position. A do-over is a new attempt or opportunity to do something after a previous attempt has been Read More


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