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Virginia Macali, JD, MS, founded High Point Transitions, LLC to support awareness, change, growth in individuals. She helps people make successful transitions, have impact, and enjoy greater fulfillment.

As a Certified Integral Coach, she designs and delivers programs and coaching for emerging leaders and managers, as they utilize strengths, advance their work in a balanced way, and contribute to what they care about.

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Blog Posts

  • Letting Go of Expectations
    Embrace the Mysteries of Living We live in a culture that wants to compulsively know WHY. We are accustomed to data points, metrics, and explanations. Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul and Ageless Soul, invites us to embrace the mysteries of life. He encourages us to develop the capacity to live with what we don’t know and can’t explain. His guidance: • Be willing to be Read More
  • Ageless Soul: The Lifelong Journey Toward Meaning and Joy by Thomas Moore
    Aging is… “becoming more of a person and more you over time,” says Thomas Moore. “When you really age, you are engaged, and from that deeper taste of being a participant, your life finds purpose and meaning, gifts of soul.” Moore says aging is a process of humanization which is becoming more complex spiritually and culturally. Let Life Shape You Like wine, we get Read More
  • Are You Curious?
    How many time do you ask someone “What are you doing today?” As John Beebe, Jungian Analyst says, we ask this question as if it is the most important question. We don’t question the question. Leonardo da Vinci’s to-do list was a list of what he wanted to learn each day. His curiosity lead him to list things like “the measurement of Milan and its suburbs,” Read More


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