The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us ABout Living Fully by Frank Ostaseski

Compassionate caregiving has been a way of life for Frank Ostaseski. Providing hospice care and being a Buddhist teacher has informed his life and his work. In this book, he looks at Five Invitations:

Don’t wait.

Everything changes. What happens when we imbue our lives with meaningful activities-now?

Welcome Everything: Push Away Nothing.

Stop the rush to judgment. How to we welcome everything whether we agree with it or not?

Bring Your Whole Self to the Experience.

We may want to look good and be seen in a particular ways. How do we include the less attractive parts and the rejected parts so we can meet others with our wholeness?

Find a Place in the Middle of Things.

We will never get through our list of things to do. It will never be complete. What happens when we recognize that we are in the middle of things and we can rest here?

Cultivate “Don’t Know” Mind.

An open mind is receptive. It is not clouded by expectations, rules, and roles. What happens when we are free to not know and let go of control?