I Don’t Know

Not Knowing

When in transition or encountering something new, are you aware that you don’t know what to do?

This Not Knowing can be a barrier or an opening. To know before we act is deeply engrained. How can we move forward without knowing what’s next?

Bob Dunham of the Generative Leadership Institute says that the Not Knowing is a necessary step into action.

Just as inventors start with a question and designers start with a blank paper or screen, the Not Knowing precedes What’s Next.

Dunham questions our assumptions:

Do we need to know to take action? Do we have to figure it out on our own? Do we need to look like we know?

He offers practices for Not Knowing: converse with others, get support, be a learner, and experiment.

How can you step into What’s Next by starting with Not Knowing?.

Questions of the Month

What Not Knowing are you facing?

What are you curious about?

Can you accept Not Knowing?

Practice of the Month

Comfort Zone Exploration

Notice when you are in your comfort zone.  What makes it comfortable?

Notice when you are out of your comfort zone. Is there a sense of Not Knowing?

What clues do your thoughts, feelings, and sensations give you?

How can you use this information?


Local Event Shout Out

Celebration of Age sponsored by The Transition Network featuring Lisa Abraham.  July 18, 2016, 7:00-9:00pm.

For more info: TNN

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