No Imagination, No Problem

 “I don’t have much of an imagination, so I can’t imagine life in the next phase of my life or retirement. What can I do?”

This question came from a participant at a recent presentation of mine.

There are many ways to discern possibilities for the future. Imagination is not the only path to the future.

Notice what you’re curious about. Make a list of your curiosities. Keep a list and add to it.

What gives you energy? Notice what situations, activities, people, and topics are energizing.

Take a trip down memory lane. What did you love to do as a child or teenager?

Recall a forgotten path. Was there something you were interested in, but thought it would not provide adequate career and financial opportunities?

Questions of the Month

What gives you energy?

When do you feel most natural?

What topics or themes keep repeating?



Practice of the Month

Remember When

Remember something that fascinated you as a child or teenager.Employ your senses to more fully experience it.

What sensations do you feel in your body?

What do you see in your mind’s eye?

What do you hear?

What tastes do you notice?

How might you explore or re-create this in your life today?


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