Keep it Moving

Keep It Moving: Lessons for the Rest of Your Life by Twyla Tharp

Twyla Tharp provides insights, wisdom, and practices from the vantage point of 78 years and a career as a dancer and choreographer.

She says age is not the enemy. The enemies are stagnation, stasis, and things that don’t move. A natural disruptor, she intends to keep challenging the status quo with movement, adjustment, and expansion. Her advice to herself when she turned 65 was ” Shut up and dance”!

She says with the time you’ve got, choose to make your life bigger. Choose expression over observation, action instead of passivity, risk over safety, the unknown over the familiar.

Her tips:

  • Be deliberate, act with intention. Each day, unlock, excite, and discover.
  • Practice growth and expansion. What you do today is an investment in tomorrow.
  • Acknowledge you have choices and make them.
  • Obstacles are many and real. Go around, over, under or through.
  • Resilience–bounce back again and again.
  • Stamina is your bailiwick. Train and train more.

Why Twyla Tharp wants us to ‘shut up’ and do what we love