Your Next Season

Your Next Season: Advice for Executives on Transitioning from Intense Careers to Fulfilling Next Seasons by Leslie W. Braksick, Ph.D. and William R.K. Innes, D. Eng.

For executives, the transition to retirement can be a critical and challenging shift. Because it is often fragile and uncertain with less than optimal outcomes, the authors focus on what makes this transition one that requires forethought and care. They speak from personal experience in corporate settings.

What do executives miss most post-transition?

—Company affiliation and relationships.
—Leading people and the satisfaction of seeing them succeed.
—Being at the heart of complex decisions and feelings as though their work was making a great impact.
—The quality of corporate colleague relationships.

To address these topics, the authors offer what to expect in the early days of retirement, how to pause and take inventory, how to connect with others, how to plan and achieve your purpose. They see a series of changing seasons and share their personal stories. Tools for your next season include personal preferences inventory, hopes, planning with your partner, and a simple framework to guide your planning.