Solo Agers and Retirement

Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers: A retirement and aging roadmap for single and childless adults by Sara Zeff Geber, PhD

The needs of single and child-free older adults are the themes of this book. Zeff Geber says we will all be Solo Agers if we live long enough. That said, how can we prepare for the future?

Adult children play key roles in the life of elder parents. These include caregiving and health support, making decisions about where to live, making financial and legal decisions, and providing an automatic social support system consisting of children and grandchildren. For Solo Agers, a different picture emerges. Who will do these important tasks for them?

The book outlines strategies for key tasks. There are worksheets to bring awareness and clarity to enjoying the second half of life, deciding where to live, and how to ensure comfort, care, and companionship as we age. While planning for the future is important for all, Solo Agers are encouraged to utilize their social networks, think ahead, and make plans that support what’s most important to them.

From clarifying your values to adapting and being flexible to avoiding loneliness and isolation, the book provides thought-provoking questions, concrete resources, and guides on getting our affairs in order. A valuable source for preparing for the future and aging well.