The Doldrums and the Cycle of Renewal

What the late Frederic M. Hudson called the Doldrums is part of the cycle of renewal and revitalization for adults. The Doldrums can be an uncomfortable place. There’s not the excitement of the new beginning, or the productivity of getting ready for what’s next. It may feel like you are out of synch.

There’s a lack of clarity, power, confidence, and meaning. Purpose seems illusive. It may feel empty. While ordinary routines, structures, and activities may dissipate during the doldrums, it may be helpful to use this time to sort things out. This may be sorting through possessions, values, or priorities.

Conversations and creative expression can facilitate the sorting as you discern what has meaning now. The Doldrums can be a mini-transition to a new beginning or can lead to a full life transition by entering the next phase of cocooning to take time to reflect on and search for a new identity. Both of these transitions may lead to renewal and revitalization.

Questions of the Month         
Are you in the doldrums?
How are you sorting things through?
Is a new beginning calling you or do you need more time to search for reflection and search for a new identity?

Practice of the Month

Self-Observation: Doldrums
Are you in a Doldrums phase of life?From this vantage point, make a list of questions that arise. Sort through the questions to find which are most important to live with now and which questions can be set aside. Focus on one question a week and journal your responses. What is becoming more clear?