The 100 Year Life

The lengthening of life expectancy invites us to consider how the current role models and institutions may not serve well over the course of this increased longevity and how life will be changed for us.
Gratton and Scott say that living to age 100 can be a blessing or a curse. They advocate for innovation and experimentation in the face of changing organizations, life design, and mindset changes.
They outline how life will be changed:
  • People will work into their 70s and 80s.
  • Life will call for adaptation and radical redesign.
  • There will be new jobs and skills as traditional jobs diminish and new needs arise.
  • Getting the finances right will not be everything as identity, social connections, and lifestyle factors determine satisfaction and options.
  • Life will become multi-staged and transitions will become the norm.
  • Re-creation will become more important than recreation as investment in new identities and activities are called for.