Letting Go of Explanations

We live in a culture that wants to compulsively know WHY. We are accustomed to data points, metrics, and explanations.

Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul and Ageless Soul, invites us to embrace the mysteries of life. He encourages us to develop the capacity to live with what we don’t know and can’t explain.

His guidance:

–Be willing to be different from the people around you. Be eccentric in your uniqueness.

–Resist the world and going along with everything you’ve been told.

–Have the courage to stand apart from the crowd.

–Do things that bring deep pleasure.

–Let life shape you vs. you shaping your life.

–Notice when it’s time to move on.

Questions of the Month

What are you trying to explain?

What mysteries are you living?

What is shaping or informing your life now?

Practice of the Month

Self-Observation: Explanations

For one week, review important events in your life. You may include people you met, jobs, travel.

How do you explain how they came about? What parts of these events are unexplainable?

How does this orientation impact you?