Boomer Reinvention: How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50 by John Tarnoff

Tarnoff’s book provides a model for reinvention, whether it’s changing your career, modifying the terms of your work, or moving in a new direction. He interviewed seven people with different backgrounds, approaches, and visions.

He offers a five-step process for reinvention:

1.       Reframing: Review your beliefs, attitudes, patterns, thoughts, and feelings about yourself, others, and the world. Locate your          comfort zone and understand your fears.

2.       Listening: Take in information. Interview friends and colleagues, get feedback, and clarify your values. Expand your network and build connections.

3.       Accepting: Clear out unresolved issues, judgments, and limited thinking. Make peace with the past and move forward with less baggage.

4.       Expressing: Imagine new possibilities. Start to see how to transform your current position or pursue a new one.

5.       Connecting: Implement all the learning in prior steps and take the next steps.

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