Why Does Connection Matter?

Peter Block, author of Community: The Structure of Belonging, says we are in a crisis of connection and we are out of the habit of connection. He invites us to connect in new ways, not as a way to solve problems, but as a way to imagine an alternative future.

Participants in connection report:

—-feeling not alone.
—-feeling not crazy.
—-not feeling wrong.
—-OK to look at darkness and difficulty.
—-seeing “This is my humanity.”

His questions are, by design, personal, ambiguous, and anxiety-producing.

Questions of the Month

From Peter Block:

What have I done to create the world I complain about?

What’s the NO that I’m postponing?

What’s the YES I no longer mean?

Practice of the Month


Creation and Complaints

Over the course of the week, take note of
your complaints. At the end of the week,
review them and explore any connection between the complaints and your contribution to them.

How will this inform your actions going forward?