Where do you find Sanctuary?

Where do you find Sanctuary?

When life feels stormy, difficult, or overwhelming, where do you turn for refuge or sanctuary? What do you depend on to provide safety, stability, comfort, compassion, understanding?

Do you have a sanctuary for emotional or physical emergencies? Do you cultivate communities where you can show up with what’s troubling you?

Where are the external sanctuaries? A quiet corner at home, a special park, or a coffee shop?

What internal sanctuaries have you cultivated? Do you find refuge in meditation, art, conversation, exercise, music, books?

Listen to Carrie Newcomer’s song Sanctuary.

Questions of the Month

–What is sanctuary to you?

–Where have you found sanctuary?

–How are you a sanctuary for others?

Practice of the Month

Self-Observation: Sanctuary

–Reflect on sanctuaries you have relied on in the past.

–What did the sanctuaries offer you?

–Is sanctuary needed in your life now?