Reflecting Back and Looking Forward

What is showing up in your conversations these days? I find so many of our talks focus on some aspect of emerging from the pandemic. There are many reflections on what it’s been like for us over the past 15 months. What it is like to have more opportunities opening up?

We’ve been through, and continue to move through, challenging times. How have we grown over the last year? What did restrictions bring? What do we not miss from the pre-pandemic times? What did we learn and discover about ourselves and others in the last year? What do we take forward? As you look back over the past year, what stands out for you?

The Art of Happiness Podcast by Arthur Brooks has research and observations about Life After COVID.

Questions of the Week

What helped you during the past year? What is helping now? How did you care for yourself? How are you caring for yourself? What will you take forward?

Practice of the Week

Self-Observation: Resilience
Take 5 minutes to reflect on your resilience during the past year. What are your best practices? What will you continue in the coming months?