How to Live Forever: The Enduring Power of Connecting the Generations by Marc Freedman

Are needs of older generations and younger generations competitive or collaborative? Can approaches be fashioned to reconnect in ways that benefit all?

Marc Freedman, founder of explores these questions. He sees older people investing in the next generation to solve problems and reconnect humanity. While doing this, they find “purpose, health, happiness, and even income while doing so.”

He believes in utilizing the talents of older citizens to address young people’s unmet needs. Opportunities like providing mentoring, tutoring, business expertise, or grandparenting younger generations are abundant.

Mac Freedman shares stories of how this work is not only fulfilling, but leaves a lasting legacy.

Here are a few of inter-generational mentoring movies from his list:

Cinema Paradiso
Good Will Hunting
Little Miss Sunshine
The Intern
The Karate Kid

Marc Freedman’s Ted Talk on How to Live Forever