Book Notes: Life is in the Transitions

Life is in the Transitions: Mastering Change at Any Age
by Bruce Feiler

Major life changes like losing loved ones, changing careers, navigating relationships, receiving a health diagnosis, or experiencing a pandemic are part of being human.

Bruce Feiler researched life changes by interviewing people in every state and collecting stories. He distilled themes to help us find our way through life transitions with greater clarity.

Disruption is the catalyst of change and can be large or small. Major disruptions occur every 12-18 months in our lives. It’s common to have 3 dozen disruptors in a lifetime, but 3-5 of these disruptions become Lifequakes. A Lifequake is “a forceful burst of change that leads to a period of upheaval, transition, and renewal.”

´╗┐These disruptions don’t always happen one at a time. They happen in clumps, which the author names Pile-Ups.

A Transition is “a vital period of adjustment, creativity, and rebirth that helps one find meaning after a major life disruption.” A quick glance at the table of contents reveals Feiler’s tools to navigate life transitions in healthy ways:

Accept It: Identify Your Emotions
Mark It: Ritualize the Change
Shed It: Give Up Old Mind-Sets
Create It: Try New Things
Share It: Seek Wisdom from Others
Launch It: Unveil Your New Self
Tell It: Compose a Fresh Story.