CalmMind CalmBody

  • Do you want to build capacity to meet big and everyday stressful events?
  • Do you want to relax, reduce anxiety, and be more resilient?
  • Do you want extra support in times of change and uncertainty?

“With a calm mind and calm body, you can meet every moment with greater ease and clarity.”

Urban Zen Integrative Therapy

Enjoy a session to address everyday symptoms of stress including pain, anxiety, insomnia, and exhaustion. A session includes essential oils, gentle movements, restorative body poses, Reiki, breath awareness, and body awareness meditation. You will feel relaxed and refreshed and have tools to use whenever you want to have a Calm Mind and Calm Body.

Pre-Surgery and Healthcare Self-Care Session

If you are facing a diagnosis, health concern, surgery, treatment, or dental work, this session is designed to address your unique concerns. It’s natural to feel uneasiness during health, medical, and dental situations. When you are worried, exhausted, anxious, overwhelmed, or losing sleep, ordinary tasks may seem more difficult than usual.

The mind can calm the body and the body can calm the mind. Simple tools can help manage medical stress. Self-care over time may support well-being.

A session includes

Guided visualizations to meet challenges and ease your mind
Mind calming exercises to restore balance
Support and resource review and strategy
A self-care practice designed just for you

Typical Benefits

Feel less anxious
Feel more relaxed
Have greater peace of mind
Be able to calm yourself as needed
Tap into your own wisdom and use what you know
Access the support and resources you want and need